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Online Courses

Empower Your Potential

At Stoltz One, we're dedicated to creating high-quality online learning experiences that equip you with the skills you need to thrive in today's dynamic world. Our team of passionate learning experts, with extensive experience across various industries, meticulously designs and develops each course to ensure a valuable and engaging learning journey.


Fast-Track Skills & Immersive Learning

Self-Paced Online Courses

  • Flexible Learning: Fit learning around your schedule, perfect for busy lives.

  • Interactive & Fun: Videos, graphics, and activities keep you engaged.

  • Career-Focused Skills: Build practical skills directly applicable to your work.

  • Lifelong Access: A constant resource you can revisit anytime.

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Collaborative Online Courses

  • Learn with Others: Connect and learn through discussions, reviews, and activities.

  • Expert-Led & Structured: Benefit from facilitator feedback and a clear schedule.

  • Flexible Options: Choose fully online or live video sessions.

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Blended Courses

  • Mix & Match: Combine self-paced modules with interactive live sessions.

  • Active Learning: Apply concepts through discussions and activities in live sessions.

  • Time-Saving Efficiency: Online prep maximizes live session value.

  • Flexibility: Choose online-only or instructor-led live sessions.

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Micro-credentials and short programs

  • Skill Up Fast: Get in-demand skills quickly with focused programs.

  • Career Boost: Add valuable credentials to your resume.

  • Flexible Learning: Choose program lengths that fit you.

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VR/AR, Extended Reality Courses

  • VR/AR Learning (Optional): Explore select courses with cutting-edge immersive elements.

  • Global Learning: Gain knowledge from a worldwide community.

  • Flexible & Accessible: Learn at your own pace, with VR/AR on compatible devices (optional).

  • Future-Proof Learning: Experience the future of online education.

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Our Award-Winning Learning Architect


We're committed to creating high-quality online learning experiences that deliver measurable results


Our courses have empowered +1000 of learners worldwide to acquire valuable skills and advance their careers


+20 Years of Combined Experience developing engaging and effective online courses


80+ Courses Developed catering to diverse learning needs,encompassing various formats

High Completion Rates

Prioritizing learner engagement, resulting in consistently high course completion rates


Fueling Growth with Online Learning: 
Meet Our Clients


Dr. Steven Yates

Dr. Steven Yates is a passionate leader in online learning with over 25 years of experience. His expertise spans diverse industries, from Defence and Education to Pharma and Technology. Dr. Yates holds a PhD in Digital Media (Online Learning) and leverages his background in linguistics to craft engaging and effective learning experiences.

A recognized innovator, Dr. Yates received a 2020 Vice-Chancellor's Excellence Award for his work in creating virtual learning resources. He is committed to empowering learners of all backgrounds and fostering a love for knowledge acquisition.

Upskill for Success with Industry-Leading Online Courses.

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