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Logistics & Quality Control

Beyond connecting manufacturers and retailers, STOLTZ ONE goes a step further. We offer comprehensive logistics and quality control services to ensure a smooth and successful journey for your products.

1.  Initial Inquiry & Needs Assessment

Manufacturers can easily reach out via email or our website form, while retailers and corporations can express their interest in finding new manufacturing partners. We then schedule a meeting to understand your specific goals and discuss your needs (manufacturers) or desired partner profiles (retailers/corporations).

8.  Feedback, Optimization & Expansion Opportunities:

We build lasting partnerships through open communication and collaboration, fostering innovation among our network to deliver exceptional results for you.

7.  Ongoing Support & Performance Monitoring:

Our commitment to your success doesn't stop at launch. We provide ongoing sales and marketing support, including training for sales teams and assistance with negotiations.

6.  Sales Channel Establishment & Marketing Campaign Launch:

We work closely with you to establish and optimize effective sales and distribution channels for your products. In parallel,targeted marketing campaigns are launched to raise brand awareness, generate leads, and attract new customers to your offerings.

5.  Agreement Drafting & Collaboration Finalization:

Our team drafts clear collaboration agreements outlining the terms, responsibilities, and profit-sharing arrangements for all parties involved. Once all parties have reviewed and agreed upon the terms, the agreements are finalized and signed.

4.  Market Analysis & Strategic Planning:

We perform a comprehensive market analysis to identify potential customer segments and target markets perfectly aligned with your offerings. Leveraging this data, we develop a customized sales and marketing plan, including branding,advertising, and promotional strategies tailored for success.

 3.  Evaluation & Selection: Partner Matching for Success:

Our internal team conducts a thorough review of manufacturer proposals, assessing their alignment with current market needs and potential for growth. Based on this analysis and product compatibility, we connect you with the most suitable retailers or corporations for a mutually beneficial partnership.

2.  Proposal Submission & Growth Strategy Development:

Manufacturers submit detailed proposals outlining their products, production capacities, and business goals. We review these proposals and craft a customized plan to expand your market reach and facilitate direct sales success.

Delivering Excellence. Every Time.

Top brands trust STOLTZ ONE to ensure their products reach their destination flawlessly. We go beyond connecting you with manufacturers; we become your partner in quality control and streamlined logistics.



Leon Stoltz


Ken Marcoon

Chie of Supply Chain Officer

Scott Benedict

SVP of Sales and Marketing


Unlock Flawless Delivery & Uncompromising Quality. Partner with STOLTZ ONE.

Quality on the Move.

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