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Sourcing Partner

The Sourcing division of STOLTZ ONE specializes in discovering new and innovative products, adding to your vendor portfolio with manufacturing partners located outside of Mainland China, and enhancing diversity in your manufacturing portfolio.

1.  Understanding Client Requirements

In our initial consultation, we collaboratively delve into your project needs. We'll discuss product details, quality standards, delivery timelines, and pricing to ensure a solution that aligns perfectly with your vision and budget.

2.  Identifying Potential Manufacturing Partners

Our global network, with a focus beyond China, guarantees diverse options. We meticulously screen and verify partners based on quality, delivery, price, and compliance, ensuring a perfect fit for your manufacturing needs.

 3.  Evaluation and Selection

We go beyond audits. We meticulously assess potential partners through on-site visits, sample testing, and production capacity evaluation. This ensures quality, timely delivery, and competitive pricing for your project.

4.  Due Diligence and Risk Assessment

We vet partners thoroughly, checking financial stability, past performance, and potential risks. This ensures a secure and reliable manufacturing experience.

5. Contract Negociation

We finalize agreements with clear terms for quality, delivery, and pricing. We also establish SLAs and KPIs to guarantee your satisfaction throughout the manufacturing process.

6.  Implementation & Monitoring

We ensure smooth production through a pilot run, followed by continuous monitoring of quality, progress, and delivery. Regular audits guarantee your project stays on track and meets your quality expectations.

7.  Feedback & Improvment

We prioritize client satisfaction through continuous feedback loops and performance reviews against established KPIs. This ensures your project meets your needs and exceeds expectations.

8.  Building Long-Term Relationships

We build lasting partnerships through open communication and collaboration, fostering innovation among our network to deliver exceptional results for you.


Our Sourcing Specialists



    • Reach out to STOLTZ ONE via email: or through the contact form on the STOLTZ ONE below.

    • Provide a brief introduction to your company, including your business goals, products or services, and reasons for seeking collaboration.

    • Schedule a preliminary meeting to discuss mutual interests, potential synergies, and how both companies can benefit from a partnership.

    • During this meeting, clarify any questions and explore the scope of potential collaboration.

    • ​Prepare and submit a detailed proposal outlining the specifics of the proposed collaboration. This should include objectives, expected outcomes, roles and responsibilities, and any financial considerations

    • Include any relevant documentation, such as product/service descriptions, business plans, or case studies of previous collaborations.

    • STOLTZ ONE will review the proposal and conduct an internal evaluation to assess alignment with its business goals and capabilities.

    • This may involve due diligence, including reviewing the company's financial stability, reputation, and market position.

    • Arrange a follow-up meeting to discuss the evaluation results and address any additional questions or concerns.

    • Refine the proposal based on feedback and agree on the final terms of the collaboration.

    • Work with legal teams to draft a formal collaboration agreement that outlines the terms, responsibilities, timelines, and any confidentiality or non-disclosure clauses.

    • Ensure the agreement includes the profit-sharing model and any specific requirements unique to the collaboration.

    • Work with legal teams to draft a formal collaboration agreement that outlines the terms, responsibilities, timelines, and any confidentiality or non-disclosure clauses.

    • Review and sign the final agreement. Both parties should retain copies for their records.

    • Develop a detailed implementation plan with clear milestones, deliverables, and timelines.

    • Assign project managers or liaisons from both companies to oversee the collaboration and ensure smooth execution.

    • Establish regular communication channels to monitor progress, address any issues, and make necessary adjustments.

    • Schedule periodic review meetings to evaluate the collaboration's success and identify areas for improvement.

    • Solicit feedback from both parties throughout the collaboration to ensure mutual satisfaction and continuous improvement.

    • Discuss potential future opportunities for collaboration and growth.

To collaborate with STOLTZ ONE, companies can follow these steps to evaluate potential partnerships and determine if they would like to work together

From Concept to Production. We Source Your Success.

Leon Stoltz


Ken Marcoon

Chie of Supply Chain Officer
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